Community Canvas

Community Canvas is a free Happen, Inc. program that turns an average chain-link fence into a famous work of art, literally bringing art into the community. The canvas begins as a collection of long paper strips, each displaying one section of a famous work of art.

Event Details

Community Canvas is a great way for a school, museum, library, community center, or other organization to bring art into the community. At the opening event, participating children and adults take turns weaving the strips into an empty chain-link fence. When the strips line up, they complete the image, which remains on display in the community for 30 days.
More than 50 community canvases are completed each year in conjunction with schools, parks, and community centers. Additionally, participants are provided with activity sheets that encourage further engagement with the piece. Canvases can be hosted in "event" style or "class" style—both allowing people already attending a larger event to participate at will, or as a scheduled event with a presentation and a definite start and end time.
To host a canvas for free, please download the application form PDF, or call Tommy at 513-751-2345. Completed applications can be faxed to
513-751-3545 or mailed to:
Happen, Inc.
ATTN: Community Canvas
5210 Beechmont Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45230